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A proven leader in remote fitness and nutrition coaching.

  • Remote fitness coaching and training
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Team training

  • Seminars
  • Coaches development and consulting
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Remote Coaching
& Program Design

  • Personal training program customized to your goals, lifestyle and available equipment.
  • Virtual or in-person consultation every six weeks to optimize client success.
  • Proven approach to achieve client progress through highest quality program design, coaching and accountability.
  • Personal nutrition analysis and prescription to maximize training results.
  • Unlimited coach access through email support.
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Personal Nutrition Coaching & Programs

  • Personal nutrition analysis and tailored meal plans.
  • Regular progress check-ins and support to optimize your success.
  • Realistic approach to nutrition based on your unique goals and lifestyle.
  • Proven track record of client successes ranging from weight loss, improved athlete performance, overall health and body composition.
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Team Training

  • Programming tailored specifically to the sport or season
  • Team building and support
  • On site coaching
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Athlete camp

From warm-up protocol and nutrition guidelines to testing the athlete's capacity across systems and movement patterns, the information delivered at this seminar elevates athletes to the next level of training and competition. The approach can be adjusted for any sport or level.

Coaches Education

Learn the critical elements of athlete development, relationship building, program design and assessment. This seminar will differentiate you from competition and position you as a strong presence in the fitness industry.


Nutrition is the foundation of any training plan and crucial to success at any level of fitness. Learn the science behind priming the body with high quality macronutrients and tips for meal timing, preparation and reducing food costs. You will leave this seminar with a sustainable, custom nutrition plan.

Custom Seminar

A seminar can be tailored to the needs of your gym and athletes. Email to schedule a consultation.

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Eric Magee

Eric’s training journey has defined him. The mental fortitude he developed in the gym has translated to his success as a coach and entrepreneur. In 2015, his overarching dream was realized when Eric opened the doors of Personal Armour. Eric empowers a culture of personal growth through training. Under Eric’s watchful eye, Personal Armour members shatter the confines of self-imposed boundaries to achieve goals they never believed possible. As a coach, Eric’s purpose “is not to change who they are, but to help them become who they always should have been.”

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Ashley K

My fitness prior to Personal Armour was Crossfit-based for about 5 years. My energy was decent, but I wasn't getting stronger or making any gains. Pushing myself to my limit led to a neck injury, which in turn led me to Personal Armour. Eric was able to write a program for me that would rehab my injury and make me stronger than I have ever been before. I had planned on returning to Crossfit until I reaped the benefits and rewards of private programming. Personal Armour has taught me more about myself than I could ever imagine and continues to challenge me daily. Personal Armour has had a significant impact on my life both in and out of the gym. Private programming challenges me both mentally and physically, making me strive to be the best version of myself. My favorite part of my transformation has been how much confidence Personal Armour has instilled in me. I have been able to accomplish goals I never thought I'd be able to achieve and the feelings of independence and self-worth are like no other. The feeling of accomplishment I get when leaving the gym after a tough day of work is one of the greatest feelings I've ever had. I would recommend Personal Armour to anyone who is looking to experience true happiness with themselves because for me, that has been what Personal Armour has provided.


Paul Z

Before starting Personal Armour, I was continuously working out with a few dedicated guys from work. It was more of a "get in, get out" and then start the same routine over in the morning. In my mind, I felt that I was eating pretty good. Little did I know, I wasn't providing the right amount of nutrition to fully meet the needs of my body. I didn't typically think that I was overweight, but felt that I needed to make a change. That "change" ended up being a 30 lb change. In my profession, you need to be ready to go at the drop of a hat and I wanted to make sure that I always had the advantage on the other "guy". Deciding to make the jump into Personal Armour was one of the best decisions I've made. I personally like having a strict regimented program. It makes it easier for me to follow the program instead of eating when it's convenient. After shedding the weight, I was able to do my first bar muscle up after trying for almost a year. I know that doesn't sound like much and technique plays a part ,but when that bar kicks your ass every day and you finally fly over the top, it's a good feeling. Me and the guys I work out with have recommended a lot of people at work and outside to join Personal Armour. When we first started, people were calling us crazy and asking us how the "no food diet" is going ("haters gonna hate"). That slowly turned into "giving us credit" for sticking with the diet and then "so how does this program you're doing work?" "Can you send me your diet?" It just goes to show, if you're willing to put in the work, you'll get results - plain and simple.


Nicole D

Prior to becoming a Personal Armour client, I had been involved with CrossFit for five years. After leaving CrossFit, I began working out on my own with the hope that I could find another way to reach my fitness goals while actually finding enjoyment in training. Unfortunately, I was unable to stay consistent or focused. The weight crept on and my strength diminished. Since joining Personal Armour one year ago, I have been able to reach my weight loss goals and SURPASS my past fitness level! I am a 45 year old mother of two and in the best shape of my life. I swore that I would never throw another wall ball again, and turns out I don't have to! My regular communication with Eric keeps me accountable and pushes me to succeed. I love that everything is designed according to what I want to accomplish. It is not a one-size-fits-all program. Eating organic, whole foods are important to me, so that is factored into my nutrition plan as well. My favorite part of my transformation is the lean muscle that I have acquired this past year. I started seeing significant improvements in my fitness level and appearance within the first four months, and that was a great motivation for me to push forward. I have become dedicated to my health and wellness, and I aim to set a good example for my kids to follow. There are so many women (and men) out there who are stuck in a rut with their fitness and weight. I was one of them. There is no magic pill. It takes dedication and hard work. Every meal, every workout is a step in the right direction. If you make the decision to follow a program from Personal Armour, you cannot fail.


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